Data and adaptive intelligence for the development of renewables.


Alberto Pagnetti

Alberto Pagnetti SEI

Sébastien Ayffre

Sébastien Ayffre SEI

Grégoire Prime

Grégoire Prime R&D

Laurent Capely

Laurent Capely SEI

In a word

The ‘Inertie’ innovation enhances power grid stability for a greener and cheaper production mix.

The project

Inertia is a balancing force guaranteeing the stability of a power grid. However, mass integration of intermittent renewables reduces this inertia and weakens electrical systems, with the risk of an impact on the quality of supply. 

Subsequent to an initial learning process involving a selection of data from the multitude of data available in electrical system monitoring tools, the ‘Inertie’ innovation analyses and adjusts the grid’s inertia needs in real time, and ensures an optimal risk-free energy mix.

The ‘Inertie’ innovation reinforces EDF’s management of electrical systems in a bid to develop renewable energies. It puts into practice EDF’s ambition to support the energy transition across regions by virtue of: more renewables, a better quality of service and lower production costs through innovations that are inexpensive, easy to implement and make optimal use of specialist data.

The innovation was fully rolled out in 2019 in Corsica and Martinique. The results were immediately visible with a reduction in widespread grid events. The solution is under deployment in the remaining areas covered by SEI (island energy systems). Initially developed for isolated or weakly interconnected systems, this solution can rapidly be extended to large electrical systems.

Why is this a game changer ?

€4M to 6M in savings already achieved per year and per region
And that’s taken off the bills of customers.
A small investment – a few hundred K €
Spent on studies and installed equipment.
70,000 tons less of CO₂
in the atmosphere in Martinique, every year, by prioritising renewables over the use of polluting production methods.

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6 January 2020

Launch of the 7th edition of the EDF Pulse Internal Awards.

31 January 2020

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11 March – 13 March 2020

Selection of the 24 finalist projects by the selection committees.

23 March 2020

Announcement of the 24 finalist teams

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12 January - 13 January 2021

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13 January 2021

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13 January 2021

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